Agent 808 Alternate Reality

Agent 808 first made a stop in Portland to get some top secret new gadgets from Billionaire Paul Allen before heading to Sacramento to meet with the Governator about his new assignment. The airlines are no longer considered a viable alternative to travel since the 911 disasters and there are moves afoot to reinvigorate rail […]

The Auto Industry Bailout, The Media, Obama, and Racism

(Note: This is a paper I wrote back in November, it may provide an interesting context to the bailout of the U.S. Auto Industry. Incidentally, if I ever buy another American vehicle, it will be a Ford. This is mainly because of their polite decline of the bailout.) When a problem arises within a society, […]

True Social Justice as Societal Healer

True justice involves ‘removing social domination’ as well as removing the domination of nature. It is this ethic of domination which has led to the ills of our society and the degradation of our environment. By creating true justice, it is likely that we would also restore the imbalanced natural state of our world to […]

How mass media shapes personal identity.

A huge part of being a human being is the ability to ask one’s self ‘Who am I?’ Certainly, we cannot know for certain that all creatures don’t ask themselves the same question, but since, as human beings, we are able to communicate the thoughts that we have within ourselves to other human beings outside […]

Is Human Nature Anti-Nature?

Humans are as much a part of nature as any other species on the planet and while it is permissible to talk about the impact that human populations and culture have had on the planet, the idea that human nature is inherently anti-nature does not fit with the facts. Indigenous people have managed forests for […]

A Brief History of the Mass Media

The history of mass media is long and complex. It stretches back beyond the dawns of recorded history to the people that figured out that they could reach a larger audience through painting a picture on a cave wall than just by telling the story to whatever group happened to be present. While these distant […]

Moby Dick, Citizens Arrest, Barack Obama, worm math, and other things that draw hits from Google.

I’ve been reading Moby Dick lately. Started it a few days ago and haven’t been able to put it down. If my high school English teacher is reading this, I admit it, I read the cliff notes in 12th grade. On top of that, I’m glad because this book by Herman Melville is worthy of […]

Weak dollars, selling your life, and failing grades

For those who want to know what the American economy is looking like here is a quick summary: The dollar has slipped 7.7 percent against the euro and 5.9 percent versus the yen in 2008 as the Federal Reserve cut interest rates to stave off a U.S. recession. Oil prices have doubled in the past […]

Trip Report: Admitting the fear- Salvia and the Rabbit Hole

Last night, I smoked a huge hit of Salvia and my couch melted around me and I fell backwards as the sounds of Big Brother and the Holding Company created this ripple like effect on the edge of my reality. I felt the rabbit hole open up and (oddly I just noticed that Janice Joplin […]