Anticipation Builds for ‘Present’ from North Korea and War with Iran

You have to give this antichrist credit – he’s taking the whole wars and rumors of wars thing to entirely new heights. This guy is either the real deal or he’s working hard to make himself look like it. Watching troops load into planes with 12 hours notice to fly to a war that is […]

Thoughts on Anthropology and the Middle East

An understanding of what it means to be human provides an understanding of the self first and foremost and at the same time, it also allows one to see the self inside of others. Whether it is from looking at the common origins of our most remote ancestors or looking at the unique cultural practices […]

Thoughts on militarization

When a society becomes militarized, it begins to see itself as more important than any other society that it exists among. A militarized society first convinces itself that it is more important than other societies and then begins to make decisions based on that self important worldview. Israel is a militarized society that has made […]

News that caught my eye today….

Gulf War Syndrome is Real. Wow…what a surprise..I’m convinced that all those injections they gave me in bootcamp back in December of 1990 did some weird shit to me. They wouldn’t even tell us what they were, but there were dozens of them. Freeing the Cougar…not exactly the story I expected. The fattest city in […]

The Promised Land? Obama, Emanuel, and Israel

One of the best pieces of political commentary I have read in a while. Read this and know that you have a better understanding of the world than if you don’t. ~cd (admin note: 11/10/08 first two paragraphs updated, see comment below) November 7 / 9, 2008 The Promised Land? Obama, Emanuel and Israel By […]

Bad Tippers, Policy Today, and Air Force General commits suicide

First of all, check this out. Now for our first installment of Ask the Terror Suspect: Dear Terror Suspect, What is the appropriate amount to tip for services other than dining? My grandfather always tipped a clean fresh dollar bill. Is that still a good tip? ~GWB Dear GWB, Tipping has come a long way […]

Moby Dick, Citizens Arrest, Barack Obama, worm math, and other things that draw hits from Google.

I’ve been reading Moby Dick lately. Started it a few days ago and haven’t been able to put it down. If my high school English teacher is reading this, I admit it, I read the cliff notes in 12th grade. On top of that, I’m glad because this book by Herman Melville is worthy of […]

I'm going to vote for Ralph Nader- Maybe you should too.

Compare the issues among candidates here. I had been considering voting for Obama. It’s created this sort of nauseated feeling in my gut as I’ve watched him swinging to the mainstream (sic. moderate Republican) view of things lately. A few examples are his recent support of a conservative supreme court decision regarding gun ownership, his […]

'Frequency Hopping' Showcases Screen Siren's Smarts

Hedy Lamarr was the teenage trophy wife of one of the world’s most notorious arms dealers. She used the information she picked up at his elegant dinner table to later patent a means of encrypting information for her adopted country, the US. A new play uses this technology, “frequency hopping”, as a metaphor for life […]