Manifesto of a Cultural Terrorist by Oscar Wallace

The Netflix show Messiah has drawn a lot of attention to this document and Oscar Wallace. It’s one of those ‘this is a work of fiction’ moments that really isn’t. I’ll keep digging for it – so far this is the only piece of it I have found – I will add more as I […]

A Few Questions to Ask Yourself – but you probably won’t bother

Question 1: Why are there five times as many empty(unoccupied) houses/apartments in as there are homeless people in San Francisco? (Source:   Question 2: How does the US Presidential Democratic Primary system work? Why does it matter? (Source:   Question 3: Why have we ignored that our relationship with technology is destroying the […]

Anticipation Builds for ‘Present’ from North Korea and War with Iran

You have to give this antichrist credit – he’s taking the whole wars and rumors of wars thing to entirely new heights. This guy is either the real deal or he’s working hard to make himself look like it. Watching troops load into planes with 12 hours notice to fly to a war that is […]

Obama wants Morocco to be keystone in Middle East Peace

This sounds fine as long as he doesn’t expect Morocco to support the continued expansion of Israeli settlement or to ask the Palestinian people to accept a role as dependants upon an Israel that treats them like second or third class citizens. If that were the case, Morocco would be opening itself up to terrorism, […]