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The path towards a better world.

I, like most of the world, am hopeful and excited about the future of the United States under President Obama. Until I saw the moment he took the oath, I had a huge fear that Bush and Cheney would stage some sort of catastrophe in order to seize power and keep the United States under their control.
What a gift to have such a man in power who can inspire so much hope, not just in America but in the world. It has been said that difficult times give rise to great leaders. Indeed today, the situation in the world is dire. The economic crisis is being felt everywhere, not just in America. Everyone I meet looks to the future with at least some trepidation. And yet, in this moment, we receive this gift of a man who seems to offer us what we need more than anything in this cynical world, the ability to dream of a better future.

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Bush Shoe News

Just a quick look at how Bush is leaving office. I do wonder if the Bushplugs are sitting in the Smithsonian waiting to be exhibited someday.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Anti-war protesters were throwing shoes outside the gates of the White House on President Bush’s last day in office.
About 500 people marched to the White House and threw about 40 pairs of shoes at the gate while tourists looked on and took photos.
Supporters say they acted in solidarity with Muntadhar Al-Zeidi, the Iraqi reporter who threw his shoes at Bush during a news conference in Baghdad in December.
The event was sponsored by several peace groups. Organizer Jamilla El-Shafei of Kennebunk, Maine, says the event allowed protesters to express their anger over Bush. She says he is “leaving with no accountability for eviscerating our Constitution.”

And in case you are wondering, the original shoe thrower is seeking asylum in Switzerland.

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Iraqi Journalist throws Shoes at President Bush

Amazing! Awesome! Totally Real!

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Virgin Mary Playboy Cover

Sparking outrage just before Mexico’s celebration of the Virgin Mary

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The electronic cigarette has arrived. I was introduced to them by my friend Aaron Baron.

Mine arrived yesterday. I bought it on ebay for $27. I used it in the library as I explained to the librarian that it wasn’t smoking at all. The manufacturers claim you can smoke them on planes, in restaurants, and everywhere. I wonder if airport security will let it through, it looks terribly suspicious I think.
Here is a slightly more expensive version from Amazon

In any event, I was able to smoke in the library! And it leaves no awful after smell. People really like to give you stink eye if they think you are smoking though.

fuck yes! making the impossible possible

Some things to improve your life

If I would have known about these a few years ago, I could have skipped all this debt that has piled up with college. By the way, I just became a Doctor even before I got a B.A. That was fast.
Templar University- Get a degree now. For Free.

Welcome to Templar University, the University that respects everyone’s intelligence. We think that most curious people who have searched for truth in their lives have found some. That’s why we’re prepared to present anyone a free Bachelors, Masters or Ph.D. if they answer one simple question: “What are the most important things you’ve learned in your life?” There are, of course, no wrong answers. If you’re prepared to share your wisdom with us, please proceed to the Degrees section to receive your diploma.

and become an ordained minister in the Church of the Dude while you are at it.

Dudeism is a belief system that teaches us that the universe wants us to take it easy. Getting all worked up over nothing goes profoundly against the laws of nature, psychology, sociology, bowling and several tropical countries. It’s about finding ways to maintain peace of mind in a world with too many ins-and-outs and strands to keep in your head. And it’s about finding ways to keep your heart light when the bastards are trying to get you down. It’s basically Taoism meets The Big Lebowski, plus a big scoop of Humanism and a sprinkling of Buddhism.
See, Dudeism is about lots of stuff. And that’s why The Dudespaper is here – to discuss our philosophies from all angles and help promote the creed as a viable Art of Living, an ethos for its time and place.
If you feel like shuffling around, why not check out the explanation of our sections, or just go straight to our latest articles.
What’s more, if you figure yourself for a Dudeist philosopher yourself and you’ve got something to share, please check out out contribute page for some suggestions and guidelines.
Thanks for stopping by.
The Dudely Lama

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Marijuana Wins, Babylon Revisited, and Neverland changes hands.

Three stories I find to be worth reading today.
1) Pot Wins in a Landslide: A Thundering Rejection of America’s Longest War

2) Iraq: Can ancient Babylon be rescued?
U.N.-led organizations documenting the damage and how to fix it

3) Michael Jackson gives Neverland to corporation

And one for the kook files:

Georgia congressman warns of Obama dictatorship

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The Moped of Dreams

The Chicara Art IV finished earlier this year is without question the world’s coolest moped. That’s right, moped. Power comes from a 1966 Honda moped engine. It produced 1.5 horsepower but looks oh so much faster.

Check out more million dollar motorcycles at

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Congratulations President Obama. Shaka bra.

It seems pretty early and there may still be Republican shenanigans to play out, but every major news source is calling it for Obama. Sure, I’m sad that my hero Ralph Nader didn’t get elected, but at least I’ve shown that I’m not a fair weather fan, and you know what? I’m glad that Obama beat McCain. Here’s why:
1) With a legacy of slavery and genocide, this creates a new beginning for the United States. Sure, I still believe we are on a fast track to becoming a third world nation, but maybe we can become a just third world nation where the color of your skin doesn’t make a licks bit of difference.
2) Obama comes from Hawaii and I do believe that there is something called aloha that this place imbues into anyone who has spent enough time here. Hawaii is a place where there are problems, sure, but it is also a place that has written into it’s constitution and way of life – spreading aloha (aka love and compassion) to the entire world.
3) It’s about time that we in America have a President who has more vowels in his name than consonants.
I’m still hopeful that Obama will give Ralph some sort of critical position.
As for my election day. I worked on a class project at the beach that involved surfing in an outrigger canoe and then paddling out with a surf instructor and overcoming some of the difficulties that have kept me from surfing well in the past. Today I surfed better than I have ever surfed before. I caught my longest ride ever and on it, I actually managed to turn, navigate through the crowded waters, and then I did it again and again.
I love election day. And it feels good too that I don’t have to worry about getting lynched if Obama would have lost too.

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Renewable trees and rational thought.

Can Electricity From Trees Power Gadgets?
A new sensor system is under development that runs on electricity generated by ordinary trees! Apparently trees are capable of self-sustaining a reliable source of electricity. While a tree may not seem like much of a powerhouse, the “trickle charge” can add up, “just like a dripping faucet can fill a bucket over time,” said Shuguang Zhang, one of the researchers on the project and the associate director of MIT’s Center for Biomedical Engineering (CBE).
MIT researchers now believe they can power a network of sensors connected directly to trees to perform a variety of tasks.
Trees could serve as “silent sentinels” along the nation’s borders to detect potential threats such as smuggled radioactive materials—with the sensors powered by the trees themselves. They could also prevent forest fires, among other applications, by sending early reports to the authorities.
Right now, the U.S. Forest Service says that manually recharging or replacing batteries in remote automated weather stations, which usually have to be located in hard-to-reach places, makes things impractical and costly. The new sensor system would bypass this problem by tapping into trees as it’s very own self-sustaining power supply. Each sensor is equipped with an off-the-shelf battery that can be slowly recharged using electricity generated by the tree itself.
The system produces enough electricity to allow the temperature and humidity sensors to wirelessly transmit signals four times a day, or immediately if there’s a fire. Each signal hops from one sensor to another, until it reaches an existing weather station that beams the data by satellite to a forestry command center in Boise, Idaho.
Scientists have long known that trees can produce extremely small amounts of electricity. Yet no one knew exactly how the energy was produced or how to take advantage of their capacity to generate power. So, how does it work?
MIT colleagues recently reported the answer in the Public Library of Science ONE. “It’s really a fairly simple phenomenon: An imbalance in pH between a tree and the soil it grows in,” said Andreas Mershin, a postdoctoral associate at the CBE.
To solve the puzzle of where the voltage comes from, the team had to test a number of exotic theories using a slew of experiments that proved, among other things, that the electricity was not due to a simple electrochemical redox reaction (the type that powers the ‘potato batteries’ common in high school science labs, The team also ruled out the source as due to coupling to underground power lines, radio waves or other electromagnetic interference.
Testing of the wireless sensor network, which is being developed by Voltree Power (, is slated to begin in the spring on a 10-acre plot of land provided by the Forest Service.
According to first author of the paper, Christopher J. Love, the bioenergy harvester battery charger module and sensors are ready. “We expect that we’ll need to instrument four trees per acre,” he said, noting that the system is designed for easy installation by unskilled workers.
“Right now we’re finalizing exactly how the wireless sensor network will be configured to use the minimum amount of power,” he concluded.