During Possible Iran Crisis – Investors fled to the safety of Bitcoin

It was fantastic to watch a possible crisis flare up (unnecessarily) with the assassination of a government official and all that followed – thankfully, much to our surprise – calmer heads prevailed – personally, we believe that it was an investment ploy to control the direction of markets – as well as a trial balloon […]

Traditional Holidays are Dead

I’ve noticed this year that I have no holiday spirit left. Not just Christmas, but all the holidays. Presidential birthdays – Shame on them all. No more presidents, please. Valentines – I’ve been married 10 years and didn’t even like this holiday before I was married. Now, it’s just a game of gauging expectation and […]

Crypto Confidential – Adventures in the Underbelly of the Cryptocurrency World

It’s no secret that I love Bitcoin and have a deep fascination with the entire ecosystem of cryptocurrency. That love affair goes back to working with alternative currencies and barter systems in the 1990s and then extends through the 2000’s as I learned about the possibilities of using digital currencies to disempower banks, corporations, and […]

The Obscenity of Borders and Walls

Borders and walls are artificial constructs created primarily as control systems for the population within them, rather than, as is popularly suggested to protect said population from without. Think about it for a second. Who makes borders? Governments. Where do governments get their economic ability to create force and restrict freedom? From collecting taxes. Where […]

I’m Starting to Feel Like Chicken Little

The Sky is Falling! I’m starting to feel like Chicken Little here as I repeatedly point out the systemic weaknesses, the lack of fundamnetal strength, and other issues because despite the undeniable truth in my arguments – things just keep plugging along. It seems that the world just might not fall into chaos as Donald […]

The State of the World – March 2019

I’ve been very busy for the past month and I haven’t written anything here. Of course, that’s no surprise to anyone – we are all very busy. Very very busy. Especially in the United States and other developed countries. Personally, I think that’s by design – I believe it’s a massive control mechanism based on […]

Amazon Falling on Good News

The markets are looking for any excuse they can find to bring us into the long expected next recession. There is no better proof of that than yesterday’s bizarre news after Amazon’s earnings call. Amazon outperformed expectations on every level. Every level. Amazon has been in a freefall since the end of the 3rd quarter […]