Awesome protest tactics in Iran

When the going gets tough, the tough get creative. The Iranian people absolutely kick ass. Check out this incredible form of protest in the wake of being shut off the internet and the streets becoming dangerous: the government shut down mobile networks, and for perhaps the first time since the June 12 presidential election, the […]

Feeding the Spirit: 30 days of Spiritual Practice for People of All Faiths During Ramadan 2009

I have been busting my tail to get all of this into a book for everyone. I tried to produce it as cheaply and quickly as possible so that I could keep the cost down below $10. The cost is $9.50. In this book, I have condensed what I think are the most important messages […]

Clownjazeera- Enjoy the Summer, Die in the Winter

We, the Scary Arab Clowns, have decided that while some people are scared of clowns and others find joy in them, that we prefer to be the harbingers of doom. We laugh at the American economy as it ‘rises’. We are not there, but we seriously doubt that these ‘indicators’ are improving the lives of […]

clownjazeera- No news is funny- Clowns and Pigs are. Sort of.

We, the Scary Arab Clowns enjoy the fact that there really isn’t anything funny about the news we cover with our Clownjazeera reports. We think that in general the reason why there is news in the first place is because humans are masochistic and enjoy being tortured with the ‘what if…’ of the end of […]

Clownjazeera- Post Independence News of the World

We the Scary Arab Clowns find the idea of spectacle to be amusing and disturbing at the same time. As professional performers we rely on the shocking, the obscene, the comedic, and the bizarre to draw in the spectator, however, we would never have guessed that a society would run on it as our nearly […]

Midget Mexican Wrestlers killed by phony prostitutes

This seems to be a real news story…. The world of Mexican midget wrestling is in mourning after two of its most famous stars were apparently poisoned by fake prostitutes. Brothers in armlocks Alberto and Alejandro Pérez Jiménez were found dead in a hotel room after being drugged and robbed. The women who spiked the […]

Win more free domains –

alright…so nobody wanted,, or enough to renew them for $7 and propose an idea on how they would use them so I have let them expire. so how about This domain is registered with and will expire soon. It will cost you $8.99 to renew it and a good idea […]