Ebola in the USA – Promotional Stunt for The Walking Dead or Proletariat Genocide?

It’s like the plot of some badly written hollywood horror flick – a man tries to get a pregnant woman with Ebola into a hospital only to have her sent back home – where she dies. Then he gets on a plane, flies to the capital of the European Union and then takes a plane […]

5 easy steps to feeling good

How do you feel? Are you mentally exhausted? Physically beat up? Emotionally traumatized? Try following these five easy steps to feeling better. They work. As the alcoholics like to say about their program, it works if you work it. But this program isn’t nearly as difficult as their twelve steps. 1) Take a break. Right […]

The Importance of Hot and Cold in Healing

THE PERCEPTION AND USE OF HOT AND COLD FOR HEALING by Vago Damitio In China, healers have used the concept of yin and yang to aid in diagnosis and healing for centuries. The Yin-Yang is symbol of harmonious balance between opposites. This balance of opposites is represented by the familiar Tai-Chi (grand-ultimate) which demonstrates the […]