We should call it April Critical Thinkers Day….

April Fools Day is only funny or interesting in a world where the baseline intelligence isn’t that of a moron. Since the baseline intelligence is moronic (at least in the US where ‘the majority’ elected a billionaire liar as a populist reformer) we should call it something else …maybe April Genius Day or April Critical […]

What I’m Reading #2 – Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Yesterday, I finished reading (for the 3rd time) Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It’s a worthy book and recommended for anyone and everyone – even if it sometimes goes pretty far afield. I read this book in my teens and then in my late 20s and recently had it recommended to me by […]

2017 World Happiness Survey – Thoughts on Happiness

There are a lot of very short news stories about the Global Happiness Survey – most of them read something like “Norway is the happiest country in the world” – and then they talk about the top ten countries and the places and the place of the USA and the bottom two or three countries […]

Satan Deserves An Oscar for his role in Beauty and the Beast

2017 is a strange world for this kid who was raised in the hippie christian 1970s and bizarro mega church 1980s. I never thought I would see a movie where Satan played the male romantic lead without having to even change his appearance. But there it is, Satan, Baphomet, the horned beast with goat hooves […]