America – One Month in the USA – Bank Robbery, Prison, Squatting, Ambulances, and Dinosaurs

It’s been a month since we arrived in the USA – we haven’t seen a lot of the country, but we have seen a lot. We saw a bank robbery in Millbrae, California when we went to go meet my friend for dinner. Officers had the Bank of America surrounded and were using AR-15s and […]

My Alternate CV – Just in Case

My alternate CV: Dishwashing Dude looking for a job where I don’t have to think and where I go home with clean hands each night. Work Experience: 1998-2013 – No Relevant Work Experience – was working in tech, social media, and travel but always insisted on washing the dishes at home. 1996-1998 – The Station […]

Introduction to California – The Golden State – Sacramento and San Francisco

As a new immigrant to the USA and California, I want my wife to understand where we are and the history of this place. She’s never understood my love of bacon, sourdough bread, movies, aviation, and Mexican food – it’s all fairly understandable when you realize most of my childhood was in California gold country. […]