On Responsibility and Human Society

by Vago Damitio (Originally published 2008) It’s never been easy being a human being. From the dawn of time, we have struggled to survive, struggled to find shelter, struggled to find safety, and struggled to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe and alive. The way we do this has changed, but the necessity to […]

A Question of Authority – Can there be Authority in an Anarchist Society?

I wrote this back in 2000 and as has been pointed out by anarchist friends and colleagues, the whole thing is rather un-anarchist in its perspective. Thirteen years later, I have to say that I’m still not certain what box I fit in, with regards to political and economic pigeonholing. It may be that not […]

Anarchy as Religion – Religious Anarchy in Social Context

This is another essay from 2000. Again, my credentials as an anarchist are not clear since I can’t put myself in a box. I’m not sure what to call my beliefs in a religious, political, or economic sense, though I am clear on what my beliefs are…more on that later. I thought that the first […]

Amazon’s Amazon Coins are No Play Money – Exploring Virtual Currency

The world of virtual currency is nothing new. However, Amazon.com just unveiled a new virtual currency. It will be coming in May and lots of people are excited about it…but not everyone. I remember hearing about this phenomenon a few years ago. I laughed, I thought it was a media sensation, I pretty much forgot […]

Kingdom of Loathing – The Best Game on the Web

Link to the Game. Kingdom of Loathing: Virtual Society of the Spectacle Kingdom of Loathing, located at kingdomofloathing.com, is a game that began as a joke. The joke requires some historical background in order to be understood. In 2003 online games were becoming increasingly sophisticated with 3-D type graphics, complex imaginary worlds, and sophisticated character […]

Critical Mass Honolulu – Making the Streets Safe for Bicyclists.

This article first appeared in Ka Leo, the University of Hawaii student newspaper in 2008, but there were a few things in it that were cut that I thought were important. For those who don’t know, Critical Mass is an event typically held on the last Friday of every month in cities around the world […]