An Invitation from Vago Damitio: The Madman

I’d like to invite readers to join me  for a thousand and one Sundays of reading and writing.  I’ll write if you’ll read. If you’d like to join me, you can sign up at but don’t worry, if you decide one Sunday is enough, you can unsubscribe with the click of a button. By the way, […]

The future is now… and

If you’d like to see what’s happening with me these days…you can find me blogging at If you’d like to read about my travels, you can check out which is the online magazine I edit. Dig in the archives and the Vagobond Travel Museums and you’ll find my trips. And of course, you […]

Fresh From Twitter

“@Yeah_or_Nope: Did you travel to more than 5 different places? #YorN”. Yup I love my week’s #Pisces #Elle #horoscope travel opportunities? YES, please! :)n RT @henrywinter: FA: ‘Steven Gerrard cleared to travel with the #eng squad to Sweden having undergone a precautionary scan’ on knee “@_Melanie_S: Baby Travel System for sale in Tipperary : u20ac250 […]