Gangsters are happier than Police

No big surprise. Apparently 65% of Korean police report job satisfaction while 79% of gangsters, even those in jail are satisfied with their lives. SEOUL (Reuters) – South Korean gangsters get more satisfaction from their line of work than the police, according to a survey published on Tuesday in local dailies. According to the survey […]

Film on Film as Life on Life

Another of my assignments for you..Enjoy cd Film on Film as Life on Life by Chris Damitio Watching a great film can give a person insights into the existence they lead. That may be the key to why human beings are willing to spend as much time as we do sitting in darkened theatres or […]

Seoul denies Kim Jong Il under arrest

United Press International – Intl. Intelligence – Seoul denies Kim Jong Il under arrest Seoul denies Kim Jong Il under arrest SEOUL, Jan. 26 (UPI) — South Korean officials Friday denied a Japanese news report that North Korean leader Kim Jong Il is under house arrest amid a power struggle. Japan’s Jiji Press said Kim […]

Mysterious, Large Ice Chunk Falls on Tampa Man's Car

Another example of the fact that at any moment, something can fall from the sky and kill you. In this instance no one died, but if it did that much damage to this car, imagine what it would have done to you….Enjoy life. It is fleeting (and sometimes ends suddenly when something from the sky […]

Who has less of a life than this?

I pose the philosophical question now…who has less of a life, the man who just sold his or the person who bought it? Holt’s webpage is cd SYDNEY (AFP) – A 24-year-old Australian surfer who sold his life, including baggage from a painful break-up, on eBay says he is still not quite sure why […]

Pressure mounts on African Union to reject Sudanese chairmanship

Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir is one of the primary (if not THE primary) architects of the bloodbath in Darfur. Now he wants to lead the African Union, the body responsible for the undermanned peacekeeping force in Darfur. It is outrageous and it might actually happen. While the world begins to pay attention and hold ‘Concerts […]

Asstrology- Take Your Head Out of Your Ass

The instructor in one of my classes accidentally wrote Asstrology instead of astrology while discussing pseudoscience….If it hadn’t of existed…I would have created it….the same instructor also told us about Orthodykes, a Jewish Lesbian website (link is to a blogspots blog as seems to have exceeded its bandwidth)…have a look at both and enjoy… […]