Strongest Permanent Magnets Ever

Get these at ThinkGeek.  The Strongest Permanent Magnets Ever Manufactured! Set Of Eighty-Seven Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets These Curiously Strong magnets have amazing strength in a very small size. Five to fifteen times the strength of common fridge magnets, these magnets can lift 400 times their own weight in steel. Their power will astonish you. […]

How to Brew Cheap Wine

Things You’ll Need 2 cans of juice concentrate (room temp). You can use any type of concentrate like Welch’s concorde grape, strawberry, kiwi-whatever, etc. Two juice concentrates makes 1 gallon. 2 cups of sugar Water Water container (use a water jug that is 60 cents at the store, then use the spring water) Active dry […]

Who gives a shit? Apparently Suri Cruise does….

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have yet to show their baby daughter off in public, but eager fans were given an unusual preview with the chance to see a bronze cast depicting her first solid stool. The scatological sculpture — more doodoo than Dada — is purportedly cast from 19-week old Suri’s first bowel movement […]

Work makes you free…unless you are sentenced to a death camp.

An Italian politician has used the “work makes you free” slogan that topped the gates at Auschwitz in a brochure to promote local job centres, saying he could not remember the source but was impressed by the quote. News agency Ansa reported the vice-president of the Jewish community in Rome had sharply criticised Tommaso Coletti, […]

Ken Starr vs. Free Speech in the 'Bong Hits 4 Jesus' case

Starr is taking this case pro bono – against a high school student who displayed an “offensive” banner OFF CAMPUS. JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — Former Whitewater special counsel Kenneth Starr petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to take up Alaska’s “Bong Hits 4 Jesus” case, a dispute involving a high school student, a banner and a […]

Earthquake at the dollar store….

Mink Hippie and I were in the dollar store about an hour ago and it felt like a truck suddenly hit the building. I love this story that just showed up on  Mainly because it goes into some detail about how one of our neighbors was in the bathroom…I’m afraid that wasn’t the quake […]

Smallest boy? Maybe…

He looks pretty small to me…I actually have a lot in common with him, my hobbies also include playing with pebbles and worshipping Buddha….of course when i say pebbles, it is a euphemism…. I hope he goes on to become a dictator. His website has exceeded it’s bandwidth…but here it is… cd A 14-year-old […]