Polluted Places: All By Region

(greetings ladies and gentleman, while mr. damitio is on hiatus at the burning fellow conference, i, bernest, will indeed be out in cyberexistence, looking for all things happening or horny. pollution is happening and it’s not so horny, so come on nominate your favorite dump, i am nominating my neighbor steve. this site uses strange […]

Sierra Leonin Music…Emerson

(This is a cd that Kate brought back for me from Sierra Leone. I dig it. Check out the tracks at the link below and buy a copy. Support artists worldwide…cd) Emmerson has been compared to Fela Kuti of Nigeria, and seeks to emulate the likes of Nelson Mandela of South Africa and Kwame Nkruma […]

Ali G Punks Pammy?

(My favorite Ali G is either “Throw the Jew down the well” or his interview with C. Everett Koop…cd) Booyakasha! Ali G has apparently struck again. For his latest stunt, the HBO comedian, whose real name is Sacha Baron Cohen, crashed the wedding of Pamela Anderson’s pooches–and crashed into Anderson herself. As caught on film […]

There will be 'nun' of that dirty dancing!

(Personally, I would think of becoming Catholic if more Nuns were willing to wrap their legs around me…cd) BRUSSELS (Reuters) – A Belgian nun’s acrobatic and indecorous dancing with a missionary during the Catholic World Youth Day in Germany over the weekend earned her a reprimand from her mother superior, a Belgian paper said Tuesday. […]

There's More Work to Do for Longer Lives and Better Health – New York Times

(right on…KG) A Conversation With Jeremiah Stamler There’s More Work to Do for Longer Lives and Better Health By JANE E. BRODY Published: August 23, 2005 Dr. Jeremiah Stamler’s name is synonymous with preventive cardiology. Since the late 1940’s, Dr. Stamler, professor emeritus and founding chairman of the department of preventive medicine at Northwestern University’s […]